Monday, September 7, 2009

RIP Daisey!

Our 6.5 year old pug passed away yesterday! Such an extremely sad day, and another one today when we bury her. Thursday this past week, when I was in class, the boys said she had an accident in the computer room....VERY unlike her. Ever since then, she would hardly eat, so we thought she had a tummy ache, or maybe the flu. She did follow me up-stairs Saturday night, which is normal Dasiey. Yesterday we were getting ready to go to Caseville and Adam tried to get her out of her crate to go in the garage with the bassets. He called for me b/c she was trying to walk and fell over. I picked her up, and put her on the blanket in the garage (they can get out to their fenced area from the doggie door) and tried to get her to lick some calcium off my finger. Her teeth were clenched shut. Adam and I talked about it, and I was going to call the vet on Tuesday and get her in after class. Off to Caseville we went to spend the day at the beach with my parents who are camping. The boys saw how bad she looked and knew we were unsure what condition she'd be in when we got home, but no one expected to see what we did when we got home. The 2 bassets came running out to greet us, and Daisey was laying on the blanket. i looked at her from a ways away and didn't see her breathing. Drew and I peeked at her, then I made him go inside. I checked on Daisey and she was cold as could be. She was dead. I told Adam she was, and we were all shocked. I got Bryce out of the car, who was sleeping and told him, then walked in and told Drew. We all walked out together to look at her. Everyone crying. We still had a basset hound puppies for sale sign in our front yard, although we had decided to keep the last puppy. I told the boys it was fitting for them to go take the sign down together, so they did. We won't be selling our last baby basset, although she will most certainly not replace our pug Daisey, she will be loved and make things a little easier on the boys! Daisey will be buried today and I'll have my dad make a cross for her. I'm sure today will be a hard day too! RIP Dasiey....we love you and miss you already!

Friday, July 24, 2009

wow, I need to up-date a lot

Since I am addicted to face book, I rarely ever get on here anymore....sorry! I am sitting in class right now, and just finished my last test for my 2nd mod. Since others are still working on their record book keeping/insurance billing stuff and I am done with mine, I can play on the computer! I can't leave, unless I want an here I sit.

This week has been pretty sad for us. 4 of the 9 puppies have gone to their forever homes. They all went on Wednesday to get their 6 week old shots, but on our way there, we stopped over to their daddy's house to see him and his owners. It was pouring so we pulled into their shed, and everyone around held a puppy. I asked where Dew was (their daddy) and she informed me that Dew got hit by a car about 2 weeks ago, and was dead. I was so sad! My Molly is now a single mommy! I wanted the babies to be able to play with their daddy on Wednesday, but obviously that couldn't happen. Bryce over-heard (another story) and was crying in the back seat! Poor guy!

We are all packed and headed up to Harbor Springs as soon as I am out of class. Adam took today off work, so we can leave and get up there by about 6 we hope. A guy I grew up with in BC is getting married tomorrow! My parents are staying in their 5th wheel and we are tenting it with 5 puppies!

Ha going to play canasta with another girl in class on be back laters!

Ok...Im back for a little bit! We are playing Gin in pogo, but she realized she had a sheet not turned in and has to get that done......

So I took Bryce into the Dr. office twice last week. Once was for some spots that have been on his legs for about a month. The Dr. thinks they are ring worm, caused by the puppies more then likely! Not uncommon to get when there are 9 puppies around. He's got to have cream put on them twice a day, and they should clear up in 6 weeks. The other appointment was for a 2nd opinion about his ears, and why things are so sensitive for him. Fire works freak the kid out! It's been 4 years since his tubes have been taken out and his regular Dr. said he'd out grow this. While in class, we talked a little about the ear, and I asked my Dr. what she thought and she suggested we see another Dr. So we did, and after many different tests on his ears, she determined that he hears at a 0 disciple (sp) and normal hearing is at 20 disciple. So basically things are extremely loud in his ears! This is not something he will out grow.....until he's old and starts loosing his hearing, then things will become "normal" for him. I am very glad that we know there is something they detected going on, and it's just not him being "used" to having his ear muffs on during fireworks. He of course thinks it is really neat, b/c she said he'd be able to hear a pin drop, or hear whispers, where you and I with "normal" hearing wouldn't. Drew says he has super powers! We found out tonight, many guys are going skeet shooting after the rehearsal, so his ear muffs are packed!

I am sitting in class, waiting for the "lady' to come thru with the ducks that people have earned for being in class every day for this mod. They have their ducks in a row, and I will receive one this mod. I didn't last mod b/c Drew had a Dr. appointment in Ann Arbor one day, so I missed. Oh well. Ok, gonna get off here, and check out my test she is handing out, then get ready to head home, and take off to Harbor Springs! Have a great weekend. I will add more puppy pictures next week, I promise!!

Tootles again

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Some recent puppy visitors.....

The puppies were 2 weeks old yesterday! Hard to believe! Over the last 2 weeks, we have had MANY are some pictures!

My Aunt Bobbie
My Aunt Pam
My dad
My awesome friend Dawn and her daughter Melissa
Drew's best friend Mitchell
My niece, Devyn
My nephew, Dustin

Tasha (their mom)

My friend Jeanne's youngest daughter, Kaitlyn

Jeanne's son (1 of Drew's friends) Tyler

Jeanne's daughter, Reegan

My niece, Ainsely!
My brother's friend Michelle and her daughter Lillian
Michelle's oldest, Adrien holding a puppy!
Tommy holding puppy.....he said......ewww it licked me...LOL
Finally my little Austin buddy holding a puppy! He's so darn cute!
Enjoy the pics....I have to study! Anyone else wanting to come check out the puppies....give us a jingle!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Puppy pictures!

Sorry I'm so busy lately! Our bathroom is in the process of getting redone. I'm in school every day and study every night. Baseball....although Bryce is almost done.....Adam is still playing. Now we have puppies to play with and care for. We started with 11. We have 9 left. 1 went to the vet on Monday morning, and due to the extreme hernia, the vet thought it best to put her to sleep. Everyone else was doing amazing including mommy.....til this afternoon when we had an accident. Molly has a huge crate with her puppies in it, and she needs to adjust her self. Well she's so big and isn't used to having to watch where she rolls. We've caught it every time.....til this afternoon. I was in the kitchen and the boys were playing with their cousins. I came in to check on them and saw that Molly had rolled backward, and was sun bathing her tummy. Naturally I count puppies and only count 9.....I counted again and still 9. I start freaking out, and reached under Molly where I pulled out a puppy. I don't know how long she was under there but it was too long! I feel like I failed b/c I didn't catch it in time and am now too scared to leave her alone! So today has been an extremely sad day for us. We buried the puppy in the back yard and Bryce picked out a cute stone......I think we'll make a cross and maybe paint a name on the stone for the pup! Anyways.....enough! Here are some picks. They are extremely adorable and we just love them to death!!!
Speckled sun bathers!
Giving Mommy some love!
Let's see.....she weighs less the 1 pound!

All cuddled in a pile to stay warm!

Got tons to get done. I think my maid forgot to show up today so I have to pick up her slack!

Monday, June 8, 2009


Im very tired, but we have 7 puppies and I do believe she is done! Long and such to come tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bryce on the 4 wheeler

After dinner, Bryce wanted to ride the 4 wheeler. Adam got it started, then finished mowing the lawn while Bryce was tooling around the yard. I was doing some laundry and went out to get the clothes off the line, when I see Bryce peeling out of the field......4 wheeler covered in mud! I was laughing so hard. I ran in and grabbed the video camera. This is the last one I taped, before he put it on 2 wheels and he flipped off. You can hear Adam say....he just fell off at the end of the tape. He cried b/c we ran over to him, but other then scaring him, he was fine! We put it away after that....covered in mud! Ha I laughed so hard though, watching him and not wanting him to get stuck cuz I wasn't going in to push....LOL

Enjoy the first video I've put on here.....I finally taught my-self how to do it! Night



Friday, April 24, 2009


Please everyone pray for my cousin Kim, her husband Dan, and their two children Onalee and Zane. I posted awhile ago about him battling lung cancer. They had hoped they had gotten it all, and he was allowed to go back to work. Well I just got an e-mail with up-dates on him. It's not good! Here is what my cousin Kimmie had to say!

Yesterday, Dan and I went in for his first monthly check. His CT scan from last Sunday was not the same as his past one. The areas on both lungs are growing and the doctor seems concerned. (This of course was not the news we were hoping for.) He did go back to work today after 7 months and seemed to be excited about it.

As of today the game plan is Dan will enter Munson Hospital again in Traverse City for another week of Chemo this Monday April 27 through May 1. This is to keep the cancer "at bay." The doctor will have time to set up appointments to either to U of M, a hospital in Detroit or I U (Indiana University). At the hospital of choice they would the do a stem cell transplant. They will harvest and store Dans OWN stem cells then under go heavy dose of chemo and run his blood counts to near zero then transplant the stem cells back into him. This will then renew our lives again. The process will take approximately three weeks in the hospital and he will come home to recover for three months, GERM FREE ENVIRONMENT. I might have to ship the kids out for a couple days or weeks since Onalee is always bringing something home from daycare.

To the good news, Zane is growing fast and is healthy. He still has his nights and days mixed up but that is the life with a new born!! Onalee loves her pre school and is very sharp. I go back to work soon to ease into the routine again and I guess our house hold needs a little routine. Keep up the prayers, faith, family, and friends are invaluable.


Thanks everyone! I will up-date as I hear more! PRAY PRAY PRAY! Thank you!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Bryce's soccer schedule

I know I am behind at posting this, but with the bathroom remodel and the garage sale in a few weeks and the 4 days of super nice weather, I just didn't want to sit in front of the computer. Anyways.....I know a few have been asking, so here it is. He plays where he always does.....Frankenmuth by St. Lorenz Church. He's with the same team as the fall and on the same small (er) fields. I do believe there are big signs on the nets of the fields now.....or at least there was last time I drove by.

Tuesday April 21st. 6pm field 1 wearing red (we are unsure if he will be at this game b/c he has a baseball scrimmage! AHHHH)

Saturday April 25th 9am field 3 wearing gray (he will be playing in the 1st 3 periods of this game, then heading to Reese for baseball pictures at 10:20am)

Tuesday April 28th 6pm field 1 wearing gray

Saturday May 2nd 10am field 3 wearing gray

Tuesday May 5th 6pm field 3 wearing red

Thursday May 14th 6pm field 3 wearing gray

Saturday May 16th 10am field 2 wearing gray

His 1st game this past weekend was cancelled so at some point, there will be another game I'm assuming! Hope to see some family and friends with their chairs and enjoying Bryce's exciting soccer games!
Thanks everyone

Sunday, March 29, 2009


This is more of a post so I don't ever forget the date type of thing, but may peek interest in some people! Molly, our basset hound came into heat again tonight.......we have a very suitable male for her and now need to get them together in about 10 days! Anyone wanting a basset hound, look me up in I believe 70 days (pregnant) plus 10 days before we can breed and of course 6 weeks til they can leave their mommy! Molly will be a WONDERFUL mommy! She has been the most amazing dog we have ever had! I love her to pieces, although she is her daddy's dog! She sits on the rug 5 minutes to 5 every week day, waiting for him to pull in the garage! He loves when I open the door and she runs out to him....they are too cute! So anyways.....ha didn't want to forget the date! Lets hope they can make some cute babies! In the mean time, she gets to wear a diaper (size 6...although I may need to look into some depends for her big butt) and a pair of undies to keep her diaper on! She's so cute! Dew...I hope your up for the challenge...LOL

Friday, March 27, 2009

The last few days!

Wednesday my mom and I met my Aunt Nancy, Aunt Mary Jo and cousin Kim with her new son at Linwood corners for lunch! It was our first time meeting the newest addition to our family. He was born on Thursday March 12th. His name is Zane. This is my cousin whose husband is still battling lung cancer, son! Such a sweet little man!
Zane Allen Wallis 3/12/09

Me and my new 2nd cousin!

Great Aunt Kay with Zane

Great Aunt Nancy with Zane

Today I went with Bryce's class to the Dentist in Reese. I snapped a few pictures of things at school, and a few pictures of him at the Dentist office.
The first picture is of Bryce's Dr. Seuss hat. As they read a book, they add a stripe to his hat. Bryce's hat is the tallest in his class and the 2nd tallest in the 1st grade. Such a kid!

This picture is of Bryce after he earned 50 AR points. His picture was put on the wall. He was the 2nd on the wall in 1st grade and the 1st in his class. After they have their picture on the wall, they earn a sticker for every 10 points. The stickers are added on Fridays. Bryce has 3 stickers on his picture this morning, so he has at least 80 AR points. He amazes me!

These last 2 pictures are of him with Mitchell and Lauren at the dentist office and of him playing on the dentist chair.

More bathroom work this weekend and pictures to come after our progress.